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Bluecoat Windows

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Bluecoat Studio Windows No 2 Top (Landscape)

Blues, whites, greys and blue greys. The picture is divided from the top centre by a dark grey V shape. Angling towards the right a highly contrasting elongated shadow of the window, white and grey on the wall, very bright, and clearly showing the structure of the window and the "spokes" of its frame.

On the left an angled table on which are a number of acetate sheets, slightly shimmering, where I have been making transparent outline pen drawings of the window shapes. The shadow of the window is reversed and reflected in these. The mirror image is softer, darker greys, the shadow image overlaying the acetates on the table with an impression of shimmering, rippling water.

This picture was originally taken in portrait format; it has been tilted round to landscape, so the shapes are more ambiguous and the diagonals more dynamic.

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