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Bluecoat Windows

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Bluecoat Studio Windows No 4 Top (Landscape)

This picture taken in the corner of the studio on a bright afternoon. The image appears divided down the middle with a vertical line. It is abstracted with white, grey and bluish shapes and patterns of light.

From the bottom right of the picture, the eye is drawn to a starburst sharp shadow of the window frame. It makes a dynamic, diagonal and elongated oval shape leading back towards the middle of the picture, overlapping the window and giving an impression of criss-cross lattice light.

On the left, a section of the bottom corner of the oval window and windowsill, light is coming in from the left, the sill and parts of the curved frame are bright and white. The shapes are like cogs or the inner workings of a clock face.

Another surprise. The camera has picked out hairline fractures in the glass, which are reflected like a drawing on the wall. I had been looking through this window for weeks, but it was not until I saw its image transposed onto the wall and from looking at the pictures enlarged that I noticed the cracks in the windows.

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