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Bluecoat Windows

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Bluecoat Studio Windows No 1 (Portrait)

From the bottom right of the picture a long elongated shadow leads from the studio door across the floor to the top left.

The camera has focussed sharply on details in the floor, a piece of unidentified or disregarded detritus bang in the middle of the composition, pieces of fluff and dust, and lines where the cement meets and cut across the picture just below the centre. Soft greys and mauves.

There was always a feeling of anticipation when I opened the studio door on my return from my daily drawing expeditions around Liverpool. I never knew what the light would be doing when I came in. These pictures are a selection from many I took over the course of my residency. They became a series about perception of light.

With thanks to the Bluecoat and DaDa for their support towards the production, installation and exhibition of this work at the Bluecoat.

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