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For more information on: Adam Reynolds Memorial Bursary residency at the Bluecoat

Audio description of Bluecoat Studio Windows show

Eight photographic light boxes

There are eight photographic light boxes hung on one long, brick, and whitewashed wall. The boxes are all 18in (48cm) x 24in (63.5cm) and 7in (18cm) deep. They are constructed in MDF and painted matt black. There is one photograph in each box, illuminated from a light source hidden within each box. There are three portrait format images and five landscape format images. Six images are double banked with two portrait format at each end. The illuminated images give an impression of stained glass or a triptych in a church.

The Images

Each picture uses the oval studio windows in some form as its motif. This may be in the form of a reflection, a shadow, or part of the window itself. In only one picture does the full window appear.

The windows themselves are part of the original Bluecoat, built in the period of Queen Anne. They are visible in a row on the top floor of the building as you enter the front entrance. . They are oval with white wood frames, about one metre in diameter and slightly wider across than in height. Each window has an oval pane of glass in the middle, with eight small panes and white wood frames radiating out from the centre like a bicycle or cartwheel. The windows appear to the eye as round rather than oval, reminiscent of porthole windows, a clock face or a rose window in a church.

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