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Sally Booth Gallery


This section contains an archive of slide-shows and films that show my work, as well as some that describe my creative process.

Studio Tour

Studio tour from digital:works on Vimeo.

A short video of concertina sketchbook COVID tube drawings in Sally Booth’s studio. Displayed informally on a long shelf, and filmed from left to right, Sally walks and talks us through a selection of deserted stations, platforms and tunnels drawn during various periods of lockdown.

The Disordered Eye

The Disordered Eye on BBC4 - Sally Excerpt from digital:works on Vimeo.


While there have been fewer work opportunities in London, I have been down to Cornwall to continue my work with the landscape there. I have also been experimenting with adding audio to some of my concertina sketchbooks. Here is an example of one of my Red Sketchbooks inspired by the harsh treeless landscape of West Penwith. There is an edited scroll version with voiceover (2 mins 38 secs) and a full version with the pages being turned and no commentary (59 secs).

Red Cornwall Panorama with Audio from digital:works on Vimeo.

Flipping through Red Notebook from digital:works on Vimeo.

Ink, acrylic and watercolour on paper
20 cm x 4 metres

This series of paintings is made on a concertina sketchbook. It has been filmed from left to right and has an audio commentary by the artist.

The colour of the studies in this sketchbook is predominantly red, painted with acrylic and watercolour. They show the undulating barren red earth along the Cornish coast between Geevor and Botallack. The painting studies show remnants from the Tin Mining industry, including metal stakes in the ground against the blue sky, parts of chimney stacks, grass bending in the wind and ruined buildings.

To see more of my work from Cornwall, go to
Edges and Extremes

Tube Drawing from digital:works on Vimeo.

District and Circle Line Concertina drawing, ink and acrylic wash on paper
Drawings done live while traveling on the District and Circle. They include a man on his phone, people strap-hanging, someone reading a book, and people rushing to catch their trains at Paddington.

The Scrap Pile at Geevor

Scrap Pile Geevor from digital:works on Vimeo.

Brown ink and orange crayon on paper
20 cm x 4 metres

This drawing is made on a concertina sketchbook. It has been filmed from left to right and has an audio commentary by the artist. The drawing forms a panorama and was made on site outside Geevor Tin Mining Museum in Pendeen, Cornwall. The drawing style is quick and linear. The drawing shows rooftops, outlines of buildings and rusty materials and equipment from the Tin Mining industry. These have been strewn in a disorderly pile and appear as abstract, often unidentifiable, shapes across the page. Each piece has been named using an orange crayon. They have almost poetic, mysterious names including Thickening Cone, Wagon Butts, Flotation Cells and Mucker Bucket.

To see more of my work from Cornwall, go to
Edges and Extremes

White Line Men Wimbledon

White Line Men Wimbledon Concertina from digital:works on Vimeo.

Pen and acrylic on paper
20 cm x 4 metres

Film of drawings made on a concertina sketchbook. It has been filmed from left to right and has an audio commentary by the artist.

Pen on a green acrylic wash

This book contains a series of tiny sketches made very quickly by the artist as she watched the “White Line Men” painting the white lines on the courts at AELTC, Wimbledon, in preparation for the Championships. The line drawings are fast and scribbly, capturing the stance and gestures of the two men as they worked.

To see more of my work from Wimbledon, go to

Liverpool Bus - Drawings on a moving bus

Liverpool Bus from digital:works on Vimeo.

Permanent pen on acetate
Acetate sketchbook with approx 25 pen drawings

This slide show shows a selection of transparent pen drawings on acetate with an audio commentary by the artist. The drawings were made on Sally's many bus journeys around Liverpool during her residency at the Bluecoat in 2009. They capture the hustle and bustle of people she saw and were made using black permanent pen in a linear style. The slideshow illustrates how the drawings form transparent layers and built up into a collection over the course of her stay.

To see more of my work from Liverpool, go to
Adam Reynolds
Bluecoat Windows

Watch on YouTube

Artwork by Sally Booth from her residencies with poet Evelynn Sharp in Cornwall and Shetland, 2012-2014. This film includes a slideshow of images, poetry text, and recordings of poems read by Evelynn and local people from Shetland and Cornwall; and features music from Shetland fiddler Margaret Scollay and Cornish Melodeon player Marc Cragg.
Running time 25:17

Watch on YouTube

I was filmed and interviewed as a "tube artist" by children from Gateway and St George the Martyr Primary Schools as part of this project about the history of the London Underground in 2013. Made with film-makers Sav Kyriacou and Matt Rosenberg from Digital:Works, this film is regularly being shown on the Community Channel on TV. You can watch the whole film online here: www.goingunderground.org.uk
Running time 3:00

Watch on YouTube

A drawing residency by Sally Booth, 2013-14
Running time 5:27

Watch on YouTube

A film of a drawing installation by Sally Booth at South Bank, Liberty Festival, 1st September 2012. This film is subtitled.
Running time 5:42

Watch on YouTube

Acetate sketches by Sally Booth from a residency at Bluecoat, Liverpool, 2009
Running time 3:05

Watch on YouTube

I have made a short film showing my work with transparency and panoramic formats. The film has a commentary, captioning and shows stills and footage from drawing installations, residencies and participative projects. 2009.
Running time 6:39

Watch on YouTube

Artist and filmmaker Carl Stevenson documented one day in the studio series. His film formed part of the exhibition. (8.15min)

Ginkakuji in the rain from digital:works on Vimeo.

Ginkakuji in the rain, ink, acrylic and watercolour on Japanese calligraphy sketchbook.
Ginkakuji is a garden in Kyoto which is famous for its silver raked sands, and very popular with Japanese tourists. On the day of my visit, it was pouring with rain. Sheltering under my own red umbrella, I followed the tourists, all concealed under coloured umbrellas, as they promenaded and meandered up and down the hilly paths, and through glades of bamboo.

Japan Sketchbook from digital:works on Vimeo.

Toji-inn Japanese Concertina sketchbook
This 4 metre ink and water colour drawing of a zen garden in Kyoto was drawn from right to left, a little each day. The full drawing is a 360 degree panorama of the garden as you walk around it. Drawn during the Autumn the colours changed from greens and browns to hot oranges reds and yellows.

Watch on YouTube

A film of Sally making a set of colour Monoprints based on the memory of the seas and skies of Lundy.  Also contains audio text.  2001.
Running time 13:32